Add hyperlink to the Bulleted List Control

This will be a very short tutorial, but still I couldn’t find any information relevant to the search: How to add hyper link to the bulleted list control.

Nevertheless this is pretty easy. We assume you want to do this in your Code-behind File, so you can add hyperlink in a list dynamically.

First create the BulletedList control, then you have to set his mode to hyperlink.

BulletedList BL = new BulletedList();
BL.DisplayMode = BulletedListDisplayMode.HyperLink;

Now that we have the control,the next code is how to add the hyperlinks. I will show how to add one. With a simple iteration you can add more, the way you might want it.

item.Text = "The text of the link";
item.Value = "the-url.aspx";

Good luck with your project!

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