Android App Analysis (BeerTab)


BeerTab is going to be an android app to help you memorize how many drinks you have had. You can then use this information to bill your bill. This is especially useful if you are with a group in a pub and are allowed to pay individually.

Functional requirements

  • Tell you how much you need to pay for the drinks you have had.
  • Add drinks and their price.
  • Easily add consumptions to drinks.
  • Choose the budget you want to spend beforehand.


MoSCoW is a analytical method to help you understand what is important, in 3 levels and what you absolutely won’t do!


  • See how much you have spend.
  • Simple and self explaining interface.


  • Have an evening budget.
  • Add some jokes to it.


  • Keep track of multiple persons.
  • Select from venues.
  • Remember prices for venues.


  • Have multiple languages.
  • Integrate with social networks.


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