Ubuntu cheat sheet

I am currently using Ubuntu 19.04 with the default terminal.

See your Ubuntu version

lsb_release -a

Update your apt dependencies

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade


// just reboot
sudo reboot

Managing files & folders

Navigate to a folder

cd foldername

Create a folder

mkdir foldername

Move files & folders

mv file folder

Delete folder and files/folders in that folder

rm -rfv foldername

See how much disk space you have left

df -h

Wire and control ledstrips with the esp8266

I am trying to correctly wire an rgb adressable ledstrip. In a successive blog post, I will make it smart as my goal is to control the lights via Home Assistant, depending on triggers.

Hardware required is the cheap WS2811. This ledstrip works on 12V and you can control every 3 leds (as one). I will wire it with both a Raspberry Pi Zero and an Esp8266. If you’re interested, read on!

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Cycling to work in a velomobile

I’ve promised myself to share my experiences with cycling long distances to work once I’ve gone 10 000 kilometres. Sitting on the train right now, it’s a perfect moment to start.

Over the past two years I’ve cycled about 14 000 kilometres to work. My daily commute is 44 km one way, thus doing 88 km every day. Quickly calculated this means I only went 160 times back and forth, or about 8.4 months. Or I was cycling for 480 straight hours, or 20 days non stop.

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