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We are about to release a few tutorials how to use new Css3 tags. But before we would like to publish some information you have to know when you would like to use browser specific prefixes.

Css, is developed by w3c. And to make a long (boring) story short:

  1. Contributors (authors), people all around the world think about improvement and new tags.
  2. These ideas enter the w3c groups, and people comment it, making the idea workable.
  3. After a few phases, it becomes a standard, then browsers have to implement them into their css engine.

For the moment css2 is the standard, and they are working on css3.

But some browsers like to implement not yet standard tags, because they are so promising. But because they aren’t yet standard, and the definition of how they have to work might change a little (like the box-model), they put a browser specific prefix before the tag. The effect of this is, that you can use these tags yet, but not all the browsers will perform the tag.

The prefixes

prefix the browsers the engine
-ms- Internet Explorer Microsoft
-moz- Mozilla Firefox Gecko
-o- Opera /
-webkit- Safari, Google Chrome Webkit
-khtml- Konqueror /

Example of implementation

Rounded corners will probably have the following code when they are standards:
border-radius: 2px;
But as they are no standards yet you can implement them in Mozilla Firefox with the following code:
-moz-border-radius: 2px;
More information about these topics you can find on these sites:

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