iBeacon Scanner Android

At In The Pocket‘s Harald I’ve developed a library for Android: the iBeacon Scanner Android library.

This library takes the pain away when you want to scan for iBeacons on Android. You register the iBeacons you are interested in and via a callback you are notified when you enter or exit the range of an iBeacon.

You can read more about this on In The Pockets developer blog.

On top of that I created 2 apps that build upon this library:

  • iBeacon Scanner scans for all the iBeacons around you and displays them.
  • iBacon allows you to broadcast an iBeacon via your bluetooth chip on your Android phone.

Drakkar – Mobile Vikings

The Drakkar Android app is about getting information from your Mobile Vikings (a mobile provider) sim plan. This by making it a simple, lightweight experience. Have a look at the app, maybe install it, from the store!


Making this app speeds up my learning curve of the Android development platform, since it intrigues me. It’s really fun to learn, make and build stuff for Android!