Plan your gps route for Sygic on your smartphone

Planning a Sygic route might be much easier on your computer, sometimes you do not have one at your disposal! Especially when you are on your motorbike, it is fun to choose curvy roads and scenic views instead of the shortest one!

Change some settings

For easy planning, there are a few settings you need to set to ‘no’. Avoid toll roads, avoid unpaved roads, avoid motorways and avoid ferries are just a pain in the ass if they are set to ‘always ask’. While adding waypoints to your route, it will constantly re-ask these questions! Just choose yes or no, and when your route is planned, change those, if desired!


After changing these settings, let’s go start planning!

Navigate to


I always start with Navigate to… and select my destination. Usually I do use the Address or POI function.

After selecting the address, I go for Drive to and Navigate. Now I get a map with 3 possible routes. I stick with number one, since that is the shortest route, and then modify it to go to where I want!

When you touch the pink line, you get a flag. You can move that flag to a place where you want Sygic to navigate through. Every time after placing a flag, you need to wait a bit, since it tries to calculate a new route already! It might be a bit cumbersome, but when you try to create a good motorcycling route, on the road, this is your best option for now!

Screenshot_2013-07-16-21-02-35 Screenshot_2013-07-16-21-03-52

Don’t forget to save so you can load later! Yes it’s important, since Sygic sometimes crashes! Go to options, Route options and choose Save route.

sygic-route-options sygic-save

Since the calculation of route 2 and 3 can sometimes be slow, I wonder if there is an option to limit the road proposals to 1, which would definitely be much quicker!

Plan your gps route for Sygic on the computer

Sygic is a great android offline gps. It uses tomtom maps and is characterized with it’s more intuitive interface than other comparable apps.

For car drivers a gps app is usually about getting somewhere the fastest and the cheapest. As a motorbike & touring addict it’s very important to be able to choose your roads! Scenic views, special curves and the fun of driving!

Although Sygic might tell on their website that it’s easy to choose your route, it’s not very comfortable to create your custom route on a small smartphone screen without to much error. It’s just much easier to do it on your computer!

This post is about how to get it done!

sygic-start sygic-search sygic-routing

What do you need?

Create your route

Just use google maps to create your route! Choose your start point, select an endpoint, and be sure to select enough waypoints! Because sygic will recreate the quickest route, based upon these waypoints!

If you use the old google maps, use the link icon next to the printer icon. This gives you an url that you can use to share to route with everyone. (Has a block circle on the next screenshot:)


If you use the new google maps, you need to use the settings icon at the bottom and use the Share and embed map link.


Convert your route to a file

After installing, start the litlle utility ITN Convert, and paste your link in the Name field:


A popup will ask if you want to interpret this link. Choose yes. As you will see this gives you the start + end point and all waypoints!


Select Sygic GPS Navigation 13 as Export file format, choose Export and your gps route file has been created!


Add your route to Sygic

You need to copy the .itfs file to this folder on your android device: Sygic / Res / itinary


Now start Sygic. Choose Route, Load Route, and select your created route!


Have fun driving!


Please do note that Sygic will create a route upon your settings selected when calculating from start to end by the selected waypoints. So do add enough waypoints!