What I learned @ DroidconUK 2018

Just like the previous 2 years, I was very happy to attend DroidconUK. This time it’s the anniversary edition as it was the tenth time.

These topics stood out and I’d like to share them with you:


After attending The Rise of the State Machines by Mounir Boudraa and Redux on Android by Nish Tahir I can tell that Redux is definitely gaining traction on Android. I have some good experiences with it as well, using it in a React Native project. Specially  with Kotlin it’s really powerful as your app does shows compile errors when making mistakes to the actions. Mounir his github project showcases this nicely.

Functional / Kotlin

As pointed out by Hadi Hariri, Functional programming is the way to go to create readable and comprehensible code. Kotlin really helps you to do this and it seems that most attendees are either experimenting or writing apps in Kotlin.


I attended I Convinded Groupon to Flutter by Tomek Polanski and 60 minutes of Flutter. If you can overcome learning Dart 2, it definitely looks promising as you can really make cross platform apps really fast. He also convinced me that an app can look more or less the same on both iOS and Android.


I followed a codelab about the new WorkManager. Which would obviously be my choice when you have to execute work that is deferrable.  If you have the time, do follow yourself!


Ched Haase and Romain Guy were both funny and interesting regarding Garbage Collection improvements in Android. It’s now this fast that you shouldn’t worry about creating new Objects too much.

What I also noticed

  • I really should start to use Higher Order Functions in Kotlin.
  • Albeit being the biggest sponsor, there weren’t many React Native talks this year.

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