Plan your gps route for Sygic on the computer

Sygic is a great android offline gps. It uses tomtom maps and is characterized with it’s more intuitive interface than other comparable apps.

For car drivers a gps app is usually about getting somewhere the fastest and the cheapest. As a motorbike & touring addict it’s very important to be able to choose your roads! Scenic views, special curves and the fun of driving!

Although Sygic might tell on their website that it’s easy to choose your route, it’s not very comfortable to create your custom route on a small smartphone screen without to much error. It’s just much easier to do it on your computer!

This post is about how to get it done!

sygic-start sygic-search sygic-routing

What do you need?

Create your route

Just use google maps to create your route! Choose your start point, select an endpoint, and be sure to select enough waypoints! Because sygic will recreate the quickest route, based upon these waypoints!

If you use the old google maps, use the link icon next to the printer icon. This gives you an url that you can use to share to route with everyone. (Has a block circle on the next screenshot:)


If you use the new google maps, you need to use the settings icon at the bottom and use the Share and embed map link.


Convert your route to a file

After installing, start the litlle utility ITN Convert, and paste your link in the Name field:


A popup will ask if you want to interpret this link. Choose yes. As you will see this gives you the start + end point and all waypoints!


Select Sygic GPS Navigation 13 as Export file format, choose Export and your gps route file has been created!


Add your route to Sygic

You need to copy the .itfs file to this folder on your android device: Sygic / Res / itinary


Now start Sygic. Choose Route, Load Route, and select your created route!


Have fun driving!


Please do note that Sygic will create a route upon your settings selected when calculating from start to end by the selected waypoints. So do add enough waypoints!

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  1. Looks great!
    In the past I used the program Tyre to build routes to use on my Tomtom when we were on a round-trip vacation in the USA.
    These days I use my smartphone as a GPS. Unfortunately Tyre doesn’t export .itf files so I ‘ll have to convert them.
    I searched on Google and this page was the first nice looking result
    Now I can start creating routes for our next trip!

    Thanks a lot from Belgium! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. This is just what I was searching for. Does exactly what is says on the tin!!!! Great job. Thanks very much

  3. Hey, this is simply a GREAT info. Thank you very much. But I have one questions. When I convert the google map files into Sygic format, I rename them to keep my routes in order. I need to create many routes for my tour.. But when I copy the files into Sygic folder, the device simply doesn’t see the names of the file and order them with some google coordinates and numbers. So, when I want to choose a specific route, I can’t do that because I have to remember which numbers indicates which route. Do you have any solution for that? Can I also make the device to read the files with the names I give them?


    1 – Route Day 1
    2 – Route Day 2
    and so on..

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Faruk,

      After that you paste the link, and ITN Converter interpreted your google maps route, you can change the Name field. Whatever you put there, will be the title in Sygic. I didn’t try it, but I guess when you add numbers upfront, it might be sorted!

      Have fun on your travels!

  4. Hey,

    Looks great, but in the latest Sygic version there is no longer a folder named Sygic/Res/itinerary…
    Where should I upload ?



    1. What smartphone do you use? I have the latest Sygic and the folder is still there. Maybe if your smartphone has an internal memory & an sd card you’ll have to look in what place the folder is?

    2. Yes, I thought the itinerary file was missing, but it was because I was trying to do it on the SYGIC CAR NAVIGATION, it is meant to work on SYGIC GPS NAVIGATION.
      A bit confusing isn’t it?

  5. Hello,
    I tried itnconverter and it works ok. Using dropbox as shared store makes it ok. However, it is a bit complicated, especially if you do not have your laptop. Sygic claim they are working with tighter integration with Google but nothing happens.
    Out of frustration I started to develop an android app wich converts kml and gpx files and starts sygic with the found waypoints. It also finds coordinates in URLs and can be used to “share” destination from maps (the app). Prior adding the app to Google play I would like some opinions from you. If you are interested in helping me testing the app I would be greatful. Please respond to this comment if you are interested.
    Best regards

      1. Hello Olaf,
        the project is resting due to Sygic changing their app resulting in unexpected behavior and the new Google map planning tool is a mess… I do not have time to keep up. Sorry.

  6. I recommend using ITN conv for the itinerary planning instead of going through google maps. You can chose different map providers, for France Michelin is just far superior to all others – you see many more roads at a given zoom level than with gmaps.

  7. Hi there, I have used ITN converter before to convert a route for Sygic, but I’m having trouble with it right now, maybe you can help. My Google Maps version doesn’t have the Link button, but there is an options button down the bottom which offers the option to Share or Embed. When I copy the Share info and paste it into ITN converter, nothing happens, I don’t get a pop up saying a hyperlink was detected.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Alan, I have tested what you did, and for me it works. Maybe you didn’t copy the url completely? You could also go back to the previous version of google maps.

      1. Thanks Elias, I’ll try that.
        I tried creating a Route in ITN and exported it into Sygic and that worked fine. However, when using the Route, after I pass a Via Point, Sygic wants to go back to the Via Point rather than continue on to the next Via Point. Very frustrating.

  8. I have created and uploaded “test_route.itf” to Itinerary folder. Open Sygic, Route… but it cannot load or calculate selected route. it is unsuccessful… where is my problem? using HTC One X.

    1. So you can see the route in Sygic but opening doesn’t work. If your Sygic is up to date, did you export the route in the following format: Sygic GPS Navigation 13??

      1. Yes, correct. I can see the route, but cannot open it. It looks like it is calculating, but after while it stops. I have tried format 11 and also 13. My Sygic is 11.2.6. Majt

        1. My Sygic is version 14.3.1, maybe look if you can update it? How many waypoints did you add in the route? I believe Sygic can’t handle more than 40-50. Maybe try with a route that only has like 5 waypoints, to see if that is the problem?

          1. OK, I will try to update it. It was easy route, just start and end. Thanks for your help, Majt

  9. Great guide, unfortunately the ITN converter isn’t supporting V14 of Sygic at the moment, none of the older versions work, Sygic just deletes them when I try to load the route.

    Looking forward to this working in the future as it is really useful.

    Thanks for the guide.

  10. I had a load of old routes in my \itinerary folder so I deleted them and put in some new ones. My sygic keeps coming up with my old routes but not the new ones.

    I don’t understand as I’ve deleted the old ‘itf’ files!!

    Can you help? The program is great by the way.

    I’m running 14.3.1

    1. Did you try restarting your device? I’m running the same version and when I delete the files, and then start Sygic they are gone.

    2. This also happened to me the first (and only) time I loaded up a map. I deleted it out of my itinerary folder but it kept popping back up on my Sygic. I finally got it off but now I can’t even load up another route.

      1. You might need to restart Sygic after deleting the route. To be certain that it has restarted, I think restarting the device is the easiest way. Did you do that?

  11. Hi, the above mentioned procedure works with iPhone (5) and Sygic latest version (14.3) too. Just the .itf file must be stored into a different folder (Apps/Sygic/Library/sygic/aurares/itinerary). However:
    – rather than a route, only the waypoints are imported. This means the itinerary is recalculated by Sygic making any “custom” direction planned in Google Maps (or similar planning website / software like Tyre) fruitless (think about a special panoramic route planned for motorcycle tourism, not necessarily the quieckest)
    – apparently Sygic doesn’t accept more than 5 waypoints in addition to start and destination points.
    So all in all the procedure works but it’s not so useful as it should be…

    1. Hi, Thank you for your thoughts. As I am a motorcycle driver myself, I often change my Sygic settings to shortest route instead of quickest, and make sure I add enough waypoints so that the route goes where I want it to go. I didn’t hit the 5 waypoint limit on android. I often create routes containing 15 to 20 waypoints. I’ve heard once that over 50, Sygic crashes very often. You experience this limit on your Iphone?

      1. I confirm I can add max 5 waypoints. And it’s not a problem linked to the above mentioned procedure, it also occurs when I try to do it manually directly within the application…

        1. That’s really weird. I have sent you an email containing a screenshot of my Sygic with more than 5 waypoints. I suggest you to contact Sygic regarding this.

  12. Just wanted to say a big thank’s for your great tutorial.
    I was able to create and load a route to my android phone that Sygic had thrown various error messages on when I tried to make the route on the phone itself.

  13. I did this once and cannot get it to work again. When I convert the map to the Sygic file 13 and import it into my Itinerary, the sygic on my phone won’t recognize it and my load maps folder is empty.

    1. You might still have an older Sygic version? In that case you might have to use the format 11? (Only last year I was still using Sygic 11.)

  14. Excellent excellent excellent!!!..
    Now planning a route down through France and Spain for the holidays has been made all the more easier from my laptop in Ireland.
    Thank you for an excellent (have i mentioned excellent ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) tutorial.

    1. Thank you! Do have a lot of fun! In 2 weeks I’m off to France & Spain as well. Travel my motorcycle or by car? Good luck on your trip!

      1. By Campervan… La Rochelle first stop, then basque area and possibly Tarragona depending on weather on the Atlantic coast..
        Enjoy your own hols..And thanks again.

  15. I’ve used this a lot, to correct routes I’ve made in sygic to add more waypoints. I know this is slightly off topic but what are the chances of having an app that can handle the Sygic POIs, there is RupiManager on my Android but due to 4.4.2 limitations it can’t export to sygic any more. (on the phone) I now need to copy files back forth with the phone connected.
    I would love an app on my desktop that could create/edit rupi(x) files for Sygic. (That has similar features to this app)

  16. I haven’t used Sygic platform before, but I think I will give it a shot. I am used to get waypoints or routes needed with free conversion tools ( is a good example and useful tool) to make gpx to kml format or kml to gpx files. Great info, by the way! Cheers!

  17. Awesome Information. I have been trying to create routing for our MINI Cooper club events for years and not been successful till now. Thank You for posting this! I love Sygic and this allows me to use it perfectly.
    The only issue I am having now is trying to import into Sygic more than one routing in which case it basically only sees one route created when there are 5 .itn files in the Itinerary Folder. :o( Any clue if this is a Sygic Problem or issue commonly found? I first figured out they were all the same names and then I fixed that but to no avail. Thank you in advance!

    1. You need to choose the name it will bear, in the ITN Convert program. Does this help? Changing the file name doesn’t change the ‘display’ name.

  18. dear sir,

    ihave sygic 14.3.2 on a samsung galaxy S3.

    and i can load a route but then it says “no route calculated(10)”

    can u help me what i’m doing wrong ?

    i converted it to itf files for sygic 13

    Maxim Vandekerkhove

  19. Hi,
    I have used both wikiloc and google maps to create tracks (no waypoints). I can save them as itf files, but when I try to open them Sygic crashes. Any ideas? I’m using Sygic 14.6.8 and exporting to Sygic GPS Navigation 13 & 14.

    Part of the crash report says sygic.aura or something like that.

    Basically, I would love to be able to create a tailored route on the map, import it into sygic and have sygic give me navigation directions based on the route I created. It looks like I can do it in Osmond, but I would prefer to use Sygic if possible.

    1. If you use Sygic 14.6.8 you should export to Sygic GPS Navigation 14. I do not really have an idea what goes wrong. Have you tried with different waypoints? What device do you use?

      1. I have 14.7.5 version. but I dont see any IMPORT ROUTE option. I have placed the .itf file in the appropriate place – Sygic\Res\itinerary. When I open Sygic in Favourites tab doesn’t appear the new rout which I copied in this folder. What Can I do to appear the rout.

  20. I stumbled across this looking for info transferring routes from Google Maps to my Garmin, and thought I’d give you the easy way!

    Built using Google Maps’ data, it’s free and has a free route building tool with export to Garmin/TomTom GPS function all included.

    Hope this is of some use to someone!

  21. The new Google Maps limits the number of waypoints to 10, so this means that on a long or complicated route, Sygic alters my route to the way it thinks I should go and screws up my route. Thanks Google!

  22. I have downloaded the converter 1.87M version and try with google maps. Unfortunately after I paste the hyperlink to the name area it says “Unknown File Format”.
    What can I do?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello Kemal,
      i had the same message until i figure out that, in the pasted route (@ ITN Converter) everywhere you see percentage along with a number e.g. %22, you should substituted with Quotation mark e.g. ”

  23. Hi I have done all the steps listed above. I don’t see a place where they open from. I don’t see a place in the interface to store or open. I believe I’m using V15.2.3.
    I know I’m probably missing something obvious any help would be great.


  24. Hi,
    Got the file ok and tucked away in Dropbox but like others I cannot find Itinary in “Sygic / Res / itinary”. Res is there but no Itinary ! I’m on version 14 and selected 13′


    I found the above link for Map Marker to be very useful for importing a route to Sygic car.This app will share and open the map in Sygic by default. Further route editing can be done on the Sygic app by dragging and dropping,… mind you easier on a tablet then an android phone. The Sygic editing works best with a good strong sat nav downlink signal. I had to sit outside just this evening in order to get an edit of my preference after struggling with it indoors. I to have trouble with the ITN import to Sygic mine just crashes at every attempt.

  26. There is other easy way. Download Google Map Coordinates froom gogle play store. It is small programme that integrates Google maps with sygic. After installation, go to Google map and search for destination. After finding your destination at the bottom of Google map tap the destination and you will get page showing share. If you cannot get then in the right corner you will see dots in vertical position. Tap there you will get share option. Tap share then choose Google map coordinates. Tap it then it will show you a box where you have to choose sygic. Then tap sygic. It will open it . Choose route and tap save route. That is it.

  27. I have converted and pasted the file into iterary folder as mentioned. But when I opened the sygic, I am unable to explore it in routes? My sygic is not showing this file. Why is it happened please tell me?

  28. I have converted and pasted the file into iterary folder as mentioned. But when I opened the sygic, I am unable to explore it in routes? My sygic is not showing this file. Why is it happened please tell me? My sygic version is 11.2.6

  29. I’m interested in the app but just wondered if I go wrong or deviate from the pre planned route during driving, does it lose me or try and direct me back to the pre planned route.

  30. I have Sygic GPS Navigation (free) 17.1.16 for android and I can’t find the option to import routes in the app. Cna you help me? This is only available on the premium version?

    Thank you

  31. Maybe I’m too silly for this… But I can’t even manage to find the itinerary folder on my S7 ๐Ÿ™ Can someone point me to the right direction?

    1. Can be on your RAM or SD card, depends where you installe Sygic


      Simply put .itf files there and start Sygic. Your itinerary should be in your favorites

  32. The Google MyMaps only allow for 10 points in a planner.
    So I need to make a map for each day and convert and then put in sygic ?

    But Im on Samsung s8+ and I dont see any load route feature.

    Help ?

  33. Maybe Iโ€™m too silly for thisโ€ฆ But I canโ€™t even manage to find the itinerary folder on my S7 ๐Ÿ™ Can someone point me to the right direction?

  34. I have proceeded as explained but after copying the embed a map link into ITN, and press “interpret it….”, I get an error message “file format unknown !

    I am using ITN V 1.94 and the latest version of Google Maps.

    Thanks for your help.

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