Create an ssh key with putty

SSH is a method to have encryption between 2 systems. The ‘server’ usually has the public key, and the initiator has the private key. Private – public key encryption works that way that if the server encrypts something with the public key, it is decryptable with the private key.

We are going to use PuttyGen from Putty to generate keys!

On the Putty download page you can find the latest link to PuttyGen.

The small utility is a .exe that you can start by double clicking it!


Most commonly used is the SSH-2 RSA. Click Generate (and move your mouse over the box) to start generating a public and private key.

puttygen-generating puttygen-created

Better choose a passphrase to protect your private key (otherwise, anyone that gets your private file can just use it to decrypt your encrypted things!).

Don’t forget to save the private key as a .ppk file and keep the public key as well!