Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

When I was a couple of weeks ago in Utrecht, for an Erasmus Intensive Programme, I received an update for my Ubuntu Operating System. It was Lucid Lynx, and as usual, I was very exited to try the new version out!

When everything was updated, at first I was a little terrified of the new layout. There was way more violet for my eye then I can possible resist, at a normal day. To make you wait no longer, this is how it looks like:

Screenshot Ubuntu 10.04

I think it is fun they called this theme Ambiance. They positioned the close, minimize and maximize buttons on the left. Makes me think about mac-style. If you don’t like this, you can of course always switch back to the Clearlooks or Dust Sand themes. However you might want to give this theme a chance!

What is new?

Ubuntu One, a cloud oriented storage place. It’s made to make synchronizing and sharing between multiple devices (cellphone, laptop, computer) easier. Does it reach the goal? For now I didn’t explore all the features of it, but give it a try!

Overall speed! It boots faster, shuts down faster, and everything is just faster! How they accomplished that, no idea, but it is just the best improvement they could make, in my opinion!

Ready for everyone?

I think, Ubuntu has been always ready for the mass! Learning Windows will take the same amount (probably more) of time then learn how to work with Ubuntu. This has always been this way. Installing is really easy, and it works on every computer I installed it. Learning to work with all the available free software is probably the biggest issue.


Update if you use Ubuntu! If you do not use it yet, and you are a regular computer user, you might give it a try! Or try to install it virtual!

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