Cycling to work in a velomobile

I’ve promised myself to share my experiences with cycling long distances to work once I’ve gone 10 000 kilometres. Sitting on the train right now, it’s a perfect moment to start.

Over the past two years I’ve cycled about 14 000 kilometres to work. My daily commute is 44 km one way, thus doing 88 km every day. Quickly calculated this means I only went 160 times back and forth, or about 8.4 months. Or I was cycling for 480 straight hours, or 20 days non stop.

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Create a connected temperature sensor with a Raspberry PI

Since the Raspberry PI was introduced in 2012, it’s so much easier to build the Internet of Things! Connecting sensors and exposing the values they read, so much fun!

Time to get our hands dirty! In the coming months, I will stuff my house with sensors to gather data. Motion, temperature, barometric pressureĀ and any other sensors I may come across?

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Raspbian cheat sheet

My own cheat sheet for commands I often use. It’s a work in progress.

See CPU Temperature
/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp
List hard disks
sudo blkid
sudo reboot -n
sudo shutdown -h now
Upgrade your installed packages
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
See available disk space
df -h